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» » » Iran. Real take from the inside. Революция или методичка?

» Iran. Real take from the inside. Революция или методичка?
3-01-2018, 09:18 | Политика / Статьи о политике | разместил: Редакция ОКО ПЛАНЕТЫ | комментариев: (0) | просмотров: (1 139)

Iran. Real take from the inside. Революция или методичка?

Our fellow citizen currently living in Iran, Diana Adyrhaeva, posted on her FB upon current developments in IRI, link to her acct is here https://ru-ru.facebook.com/dia... 

Iranians waited a long time for life improvement after sanctions have been lifted off and JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was introduced in 2016. Yet, even with the JCPOA in action, anti-Iranian sanctions ( which are much more severe than the anti-Russian ones) did not go away for good. Most stayed, and even new ones appeared.

People blame the government for uncontrolled liberalization of the economy, which so far seems to bring benefits to the social parasites only.

Country is in its 7th year of a proxy war in Syria (longer than other allies), supporting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and legally elected authority, fighting against uninvited coalition of the globalists.

And, thank God, so far its efforts have been paid off. These days national Syrian army, with the active support of Hezbollah, pushed pro-Israel/US militants of the so-called "Syrian free army" out of occupied over the years of intervention Golan Heights. Netanyahu, when it comes to the Golan, he considers exclusive area of his interests, repeatedly rushes to Russia, Kremlin, to terrorize and blackmail Putin, in terms of leveraging the situation, but all in vain.

In addition, the aftermath of the devastating 7-point earthquake in the underdeveloped provincial areas is a major factor to contribute, even though the whole country took on a humanitarian action, people who have lost their homes, still living in tent camps, like the refugees.

So, no wonder, exhausted by sanctions, long extraterritorial proxy-war and consequences of the recent earthquake, Iranian people took their protests on the streets, demanding fair economic treatment from its government. Further, the wave has spreaded in other regions, though did not acquire the mass character.

Meanwhile, students and US grant beneficiaries of Jean Sharpe are trying to turn this internal protest into a full blown destruction of the country. Provocations take place here and there. The media are actively involved posting videos and photos with demonstrations in Bahrain, and Iran in 2009 or from elsewhere in order to distort reality. 

Sheer shamelessness and deceit of today's posts in social networks as live reports from Iran - shake imagination of all who are familiar with the real situation. This is a new definition of 'fake news'.

In order to avoid mass psychosis and manipulation, to limit spread of extremist appeals, and provocations through external ballots, Iran temporarily restricted access to some social networks and instant messengers, which my friends and acquaints took with understanding. However, given the restrictions, it's difficult to have objective information from inside and out, and, unfortunately, this kind of temporary vacuum is used, as we see, by all kinds of speculators.

Official authorities of IRI are trying to assure they are ready to listen to people's voice and meet reasonable demands of the protesters, as its their civil right to a non-violent protest.

Most likely, the authorities will be compelled to draw serious conclusions from the present situation and will have to recognize uneasy economic hardship of the people as the main driver for the protests.

There should be at least some remission and increase of state control and reporting even given the overall liberal economic policy. While the country itself, as a sovereign state, will remain strong and within its borders, Inshallah.

Iranian conservatives and liberals are capable of putting many drawbacks aside and effectively uniting before the face of external threat, as experience of the past aggressions and interventions shows. Those limited forces that were willing to trade sovereignty of their own country for the benefits of political investors have long been removed from political map of IRI and do not have a slightest chance for a sympathy of its people, who do not forgive such treachery. Iran will prefer Firdausi, Hafizu, Saadi, Rumi, Attar and Nizami over the Sharpe's protest manual. I sure hope so, Inshallah.

You can also get familiar with the official position of IRI in media: http://parstoday.com/en/news/iran

Источник: cont.ws.

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